SEO tools & techniques for beginners

If you are interested in making a new website for your company or any other business or if you are have just created your blog, it is so important that you organize you blog in proper way.

Here, is the list of SEO tools & Techniques which you will need to increase the traffic in your website. These are the SEO techniques for blog and other purposes as well. Through these SEO techniques you can improve the ranking of your website.

To increase the traffic of any blog or website, doing SEO is so important. FULL FORM of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

There are so many blog post submitted on the internet every day. There is possibility that our blog might not be able to come first on the search. So, to make our blog visible, it is very important to do the SEO of our blog, so that our blog comes first on the Google Search and as many as visitors comes to our blog.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases our organic ranking.

There are two of results which are given to us, when we search on any specific topics.

First, the advertisement that comes on the top. These are the paid advertisement. These Advertisements are called Inorganic results.

 Seconds,the webpages which are unpaid.  These are called Organic results. For, these pages we can do SEO and rank our Blog on the top.

Through SEO, we can bring our blog on the top and this can be done through SEO of the Organic results.

Above are the Steps for any New website or new blog :

  • Submit your website to google and other search engines like Bing, yahoo

If your website is new, so it is very important that your blog should be register in google and other search engines. This submission will make other people view your blog and blog posts. By this the traffic to your blog will increase. Your blog will be registered in the Google database through this submission.

  • Selecting right & proper keywords

Selection of Right & proper keywords is so important for SEO. It makes it easier for any search engine to discover your blog post or website.

For example, if my blog post is on “ watches”, then my keywords should be watches for men, watches for kids, watches brands, best watches for women, best watch price in india.

To get success in the field of SEO, it is so important to choose right Keywords for out blog post.

I use tools like Google Keyword Planner, to get a proper knowledge which keywords to use while writing our blog post.

  • Use Keywords in blog or Website

After selecting the keywords, it is important to use it at a proper place in our blog or website.

  • Use keyword in the page title
  • Use keyword in the meta description
  • Use keyword in the URL
  • Submit the sitemap of your website to google

Sitemap is one type of .xml file. In the file, all the information of our blog is stored.

With the help of this submission, Google’s Crawler or spider will able to add all the information in the google Database.


  • Blog Quality & Quantity

It is so important to have quality content in your blog. If your blog contains good quality, search engines will be able to access your blog post or article. You need to keep your blog active all the time. Keep on adding more and more blog post in your blog.

Keep a habit of writing long articles for your blog. Small blog posts are not SEO friendly. One blog post, should consist of 1000 -2000 words. Long blog post have huge benefits.

Long blog are written to have a reach to your readers and you can share more and more information through your blog post. By having long blog post, interlining to other post can also be done. If someone stays long on your blog, it gives an indication to Google, that people love your blog.

  • Interlinking & Distribution of your blog

Interlinking your blog is more powerful SEO strategy. Connecting one blog post to other is called interlinking of the blog. The best example of interlinking is Wikipedia.  A well interlinked blog post shows GOOGLE that your blog is resourceful.

Interlinking gets a good boost to our blog. Interlinking is only possible when we have enough content on our blog. So, keep on writing more and more blog post, to have a good interlinked blog post.

You should also distribute your content to social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, google+, pininterest, linkedin. This is will increase the reach of your blog.

We should not wait to see people will come to website or blog. It is your responsibility to reach to your readers. You should republish your blog post to other platforms like as well.

  • Create Backlinks for your blog

It is so important to create high quality backlinks for our blog. Backlinks is so important for SEO. We need to take care of few things while creating backlinks.

It is important to assure that from the website we are taking backlinks, is trustworthy or not. We should take backlink of only related sites. If we want to take backlinks of any organization, then .org domain will be better.

  • Allow comment on your blog

Comments increase our SEO ranking of the blog. Encourage your readers to comment on your blog. You should also reply to your readers. This increases a relationship and trust between you and your readers.

  • Book your domain for longer period

SEO ranking will be improved, if you have blog or website, which is been registered for longer period. Long period only suggest, that blogger is really serious for his/her blog. You should register your blog or website for 5-10 years.

  • Use social media plugins on your blog

If somebody likes our blog and want to share to their page, so we should put such facility on our blog so that readers can share our content to their pages. We can use social media plugins for this.

If people share our content, it suggests Google that the content is useful. Ranking increases by this as well.

So, I have talked here, about how we can increase our site ranking by making little- little changes in our blog.





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