Samsung S9 and S9 Plus Review


Samsung S9 Plus

Samsung S9

Smartphone companies keeps on launching new phones almost every month. Technology is changing very rapidly. Each company tries to come with new innovation. Every company is trying to offer something new to customers. With this huge competition around the world, the most who gets benefit are customers.

In few months we are going to see many Smartphone coming into the market. Today i am going to talk about Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is already launched in the market. It is available in the store.

When we have a first glance at the phone, it doesn’t look much difference as compared to last year Galaxy S8. Galaxy S9 looks little smaller in size as compared to S8. The AMOLED screen in S9 looks much better than in S8. Its Gorilla glass and aluminium frame body gives a better build of the phone. This phone looks to me absolutely flagship phone.

Gorilla Glass 5 for protection of the phone is nice new feature and aluminium frame gives a new vibe to its build in quality. These qualities saves the phone from breaking down even if it falls from high surface.

With the phone you get USB adapter, cable with fast Charger and ear phones.

Camera of the phone

Company has done huge improvement in the camera of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus. It comes with 12MP front and rear camera. Company has always gone one step ahead in improving the quality of camera. Dual PDAF ( Phase Detect Auto Focus) is put in this phone. It is very time that any company has put Dual Aperture in any of their phone.


PDAF is one the feature of the camera, through which camera doesn’t get lost when focusing on near and far images. It remains very clean and clear while focusing.

In the Primary lens, Aperture lenses control the light which is focus on camera. You can also switch the aperture from f1.5 to f2.4. Through its Ultra wide aperture mode, picture quality of the camera is perfect.


Sound of Phone

S9 and S9 plus both comes with Dolby audio and stereo speakers. The sound of speaker is loud and clear, by which you can have multimedia and gaming experience. On the base of Apple’s Animoji, Samsung has provided AR moji on their device.


Memory can be expanded to 400 GB.

An overall good phone is launched by Samsung. On Flipkart, it is been sold at the price of  57,900 Rupees.


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