Introduction to Myself & My blog

This post should be my 1st post before putting articles about my interest in the blog. Anyway, I have already posted my 1st blog about Top 5 Apps to have when you travel

Let me introduce myself to you all out there. My name is Ronark Bhardwaj. I have done (IT) and PGDM has finance as specialization. I am right now U.S Equity Trader by profession. I am in this profession for 2 years. If anyone has any question regarding this profession, please feel free to ask me.

I am about to quit this job and looking for a job in my hometown i.e Vadodara ( Gujarat), India. When I get my job, definitely I will update you all here.

I know about blogging for many years. I have seen many people in my country choosing Blogging as a profession for the source of income, but unfortunately, all don’t get success.

It was during my college time, I got to knew about Blogging and I realized that I can too blog and express myself to the world. I was excited about blogging, but somehow I didn’t initiate my blog. There were many excuses in my mind. Thought if I start blogging, I won’t be able to concentrate in my studies. Anyway, now I have completed my studies and even working now. I have ample of time for Blogging now.

From Childhood, I was very fascinated by technology. That was a sole reason for pursuing B.Tech in IT( Information Technology). I have various certifications in languages like JAVA,, CCNA, C, C++.

Technology keeps on changing so rapidly. I love reading about latest Technological Advancement, Apps, Gadgets, cell phones, tablets. My blog would consist of these topics, which I discuss just now.

I would share amazing apps so that it can be used for specific purpose. I would share about latest gadgets, Laptops, iPad, iPhone advancement. Reviews about the product I use and much more.

Do watch out this blog for all these latest technological development happening around the world.

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