Top 5 Apps to have when you travel

When you are travelling outside, you need to have a couple of apps like for booking train or flight tickets, to navigate the maps and find location, to know the weather outside of your area or the place you are going to visit, to know the best restaurant near your area.

If these apps are there, your travel becomes much more memorable and joyful.

(1)    Trainman app

This is the best app if you want to want book railway ticket, check the seat availability, fare calculation. You can find out live station status from this app. You can order food in the train at your seat. You can check the seat and coach layout, by this you can stand at the exact position of your reserved seat when the train arrives at your platform.

The best feature of this app is the when you check for the seat availability, it checks from the system and gives you the probability of your confirmation.

(2)  Goibibo app


One of the best app for booking hotels, flight booking, train booking. It gives you lots of discounts when you book through its app. It gives you cheapest deal, you can ever find on any app. If for certain issue or problem, you cancel the ticket or hotel, you would get the refund quickly in your account. If you are planning for a holiday, do use this app.

If you link goibibo account with your contact list and if any one who is in contact list uses Goibibo app for booking, you get cash in your account.

(3)  Sygic app


Once you download this app, you would be asked the place where you live and it will download all the places, streets near your area. Once, downloaded, you don’t need internet to navigation and you can easily find the best route to go to destine place you wish to go.

(4) 1weather app


You need to have weather forecast app when you are travelling outside. It provides you current and the future forecast with real-time status. The display of this app is amazing. You can customize according to your style. I would recommend this app, to have in your phone

(5)  Zomato app


When you go outside for travelling, you really don’t know where you find the best food, with best taste and hygienic. At this time, if you have such an app which tells you everything about the best food to have in the town, then it becomes easy to access such place.

With this app, you can find different cuisines you wish to have. You can order online food. If you want to visit the restaurant, you can book a table there. You can see the menu of that restaurant and price of the dishes you want to eat.

Reviews, ratings, pictures of the food can be tracked and choose which restaurant to visit. Nice app



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